Why Periodic Eye Exams Are So Important

Eyesight is definitely critical, nevertheless it is certainly a thing which many of us just take for granted. Unless you’ve experienced noticeable vision problems, you may not always think of scheduling a regular eye exam. However, Visiting the eye doctor at the very least once every couple of years, even at a young age, is necessary to maintaining the healthiness of your vision. At Antelope Valley Eye Care, we provide patients of all ages with the personalized eye care needed to help maintain the health of their vision for many years to come.
Young children are much less prone to get routine vision examinations as compared to adults. It is because younger children are not always capable to articulate when they’re having trouble with their vision. Eyesight issues in small kids can often manifest itself as difficulties at school if they’re not able to read or perhaps follow lessons successfully. Getting your child in for a regular optometry appointment will assist make sure a vision issue is caught before it could possibly affect their school work.
As an adult, you might not think you need to have to schedule normal eye exams if you haven’t experienced any eye sight complications. However, going to your Optometrist (OD) at least once every two years will help catch undiscovered eye problems before they can cause detrimental damage to your eye-sight. On top of checking for common vision problems like astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness, your OD will exam the overall health of your eye. There are actually eye ailments including glaucoma that can remain asymptomatic in their early phases, however, if left untreated these types of diseases may lead to permanent loss of eye-sight.
Visiting your local eye doctor regularly is also extremely important to those who have other medical conditions. For example, patients with diabetes can suffer from blood vessel leaks within the eye that can lead to serious vision damage. An optometrist may even be able to detect signs of a medical condition a patient hasn’t been diagnosed yet. By examining the eyes, an OD is sometimes able to note signs of early-onset high blood pressure and cholesterol. This can help patients catch medical conditions they didn’t even know they had before they become too critical.
A comprehensive eye exam from a skilled optometrist can be helpful to maintain not just your eyesight but your overall health as well. We urge you not to put off your eyecare until you feel you might need glasses or contacts. Call Antelope Valley Eye Care today to schedule your appointment. Your eyes will thank you.